Here we will inform you about changes and adaptions concerning this event in the light of the current, always changing situation. This page will be updated frequently.

planning, uncertainties und cancellation

Although it is hardly foreseeable how the situation is going to be like in October we do hope that our event is going to take place. We continue planning for now but adapted a few details about registration, payment and reimbursement.

We are expecting changes that may affect our concept such as restrictions for number of participants or dealing with dancing as a type of sport with physical contact. It’s not yet predictable how things will be in autumn.

registration – what is different?

We have postponed our registration date. Registration now starts in May.

In case we have to face restrictions concerning lower number of participants than usually we may have to reject and de-register participants. Therefore it is wise to register early to secure your spot at the top of the list.

After your registration you will receive a confirmation without payment details. Payment will be requested after 1/8/2020

If anything changes until 1/8/2020 we will inform you via email.

reimbursement – what is different?

If before 1/8/2020 it turns out that swingomania cannot take place there won’t be any costs for the participants. Your registration will be obsolete.

Participation fee is to be payed after the 1/8/2020. If you know before this date that you cannot participate, please let us know via email!

In case we have to cancel swingomania after 1/8/2020 on short notice you can decide what is going to happen to your already payed fee:
– full reimbursement of the payed amount
– reimbursement of the payed amount minus a donation of your choice to support our teachers and musicians

reimbursement in case of de-registration by you (participant)

You may withdraw your registration before 1st of August 2020 without paying the participation fee. We do not grant reimbursement after 1st of August 2020 unless replacement for your spot can be found. In case of cancelling your spot because of suspection of Covid-19 or because of you being infected with Covid-19 we reimburse 80% of your payment.
De-registration and responsibility
Please cancel your spot by emailing us if you find out before 1/8/2020 that you cannot participate.
Please act responsible towards all participants in this event: In case of any kind of suspection of Covid-19 we urge you to not participate and stay at home.

We will adopt regional recommended measures concerning hygiene and precaution for preventing infection. Details can be found here when the time comes.