Special: Friday’s workshop with Ron

Friday afternoon workshop with Ron Dobrovinsky:
2 hours for all dances and all levels (4.45– 6.45 pm).
Included in the “Workshop FULL pass” or can be booked on its own (also if you are beginner and therefore not in the weekend workshops).

Location: Gemeinschaftshaus Langwasser
(right afterwards there’s the history lesson, then the party. For dinner there’s a restaurant at the location)

“Workshop: Fitness for dancers”

The workshop will focus on practical exercises that require minimal or no equipment that any person can easily perform and adjust to their needs.

We’ll get to know scientifically proven principles and methods, understand the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ behind exercises we choose to take care of our body.

Beginning with general movements and exercises that can benefit anyone, and continuing into things that are more relevant for swing/blues dancers, regarding the movements and load types we experience in the dance. We will learn about how to strengthen, stretch, what to focus on and what to avoid, while also dispelling common myths about training.

We will physically try things out, but not to exhaustion, so come in comfortable clothing, bring pen & paper to take notes – but no need to bring towels 🙂

Ron is known for his pedagogy and didactics. He introduces his students to inspiring ideas and movements while promoting deep understanding and fast implementation, in a clear and fun way.
As a certified fitness trainer with a rich background in other dances and martial arts, he helps dancers create high quality movement in their dance, and provides them with ways to take care of their body and to prevent injuries.