What’s happening right now – 2023

Planning for swingomania 2023 is underway and we are not far away from being able to open registration (scheduled for mid/end of May)!
Lots of unexpected obstacles have come our way this year and we are working diligently to get them all out of the way.

We were all looking forward to seeing the Gramophoniacs again, who unfortunately won’t be with us again until 2024 due to private circumstances. However, we have other fantastic swing bands on hand, and will soon have decided on a perfect replacement.
Also, the B. B. King Project Blues are finally playing for us, last year they unfortunately had to cancel due to illness.
Bernard Cavasa will bring his guitar for a blues concert on Sunday evening – and who knows, maybe he will have it with him in class.

We also have to do without our good old Villa Leon this year and dance in other halls for a change.
Bernard cannot come with Anne-Hélène as planned, instead we are looking forward to Lisa Clarke.

Stephan Wuthe will give an exciting lecture and provide us with music, and Ron Dobrovinsky will teach a dancer’s special on Friday afternoon.

There will also be catering on site again for relaxed lunch breaks!