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Stefano Ronchi with lorenzo Bergamino (Blues, Saturday/Sunday)

Last seen in this area at wonderful Winter Wonderland Blues in 2018, Stefano Ronchi is coming back to share his music and magic with us. He will be playing our saturday party with Lorenzo Bergamino as well as the sunday party just by himself.
Stefano is an Italian blues guitar player and singer living in Berlin. His way of composing and arranging is grounded in old black folklore music from the 20’s and 30’s, from Delta Blues and Piedmont Blues, through old Spirituals, stomp and “swamp” sounds.
Passionate about slide guitar, he looks at the tradition with his personal, modern and respectful attitude. He is constantly touring around the World, playing in blues clubs, Festival, and blues dance events as solo artist or collaborating with other great musicians and bands, such as Tony Coleman, The Baseballs, Dan Nash, Marcos Coll, Marko Jovanovic, Micha Maass, The Lonesome Millionaires, Jessie Gordon, The Roaring Rag Beastie, and many more.
…listen to Stefano Ronchi


Dixie Bones (Swing, Friday)

… spielen den Pop verganger Tage – ein Mix aus beliebten Klassikern und selten gespielten Raritäten. Von New Orleans Jazz, über Blues und Dixieland bis in die Swing-Epoche mit kleinem Aufblitzen von Rhythm & Blues. Alter Jazz und Gute-Laune-Musik von professionellen Musikern gespielt: Julia Weigand (Gesang), Norbert Weigand (Sousaphon), Roland Horsak (Trompete), Mathias Rösel (Saxophon/Klarinette), Peter Pelzner (Gitarre), Christian Tournay (Schlagzeug).
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