Wir freuen uns sehr, wunderbare Trainer aus der ganzen Welt willkommen heißen zu dürfen!

Ron & Genia

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Ron Dobrovinski (ISR)
Ron is known for his pedagogy and didactics. He introduces his students to inspiring ideas and movements while creating a deep understanding and fast implementation, in a clear and fun way.
Ron loves learning the history of the dance and enjoys digging deep into Jazz, its musicians, rhythms and grooves. He is always excited to share his insights with his students as well as introduce them to great music.
As a certified fitness trainer with a rich background in other dances & martial arts, he helps dancers create good quality movement in their dance, and provides them with ways to take care of their body and to prevent injuries.
Ron combines the valuable experience of developing a local scene with his experience as an  international teacher. Besides teaching regularly around Europe, Ron is also the director of Swing It dancing school where he teaches and promotes swing dance culture around Israel.

Genia Tsvietkova (UKR)
Genia’s dancing story begun when she was 6 years old. Lindy Hop she met in 2006. She is a big fan of blues. The way of dancing keeps her excited, she finds out something new and really interesting all the time. She hopes “this way will never reach the final destination :)“.
She was teaching and competing all over the world. Since 2015 Genia was taking a part in the project Shiny Stockings Chorus Line in Kiev.
Dancing is an important part of her life. Such attitude to dance makes her not only a good dancer, but also responsible and attentive teacher.
Mostly her classes are concentrated in how to connect dance more with music and enjoy your dancing, mixing the smoothness of blues, the energy of Lindy Hop and the musical feeling inside yourself.

Jenna & Nejc

Jenna Applegarth (USA)
found swing dancing in 2004 in her small local scene of Wenatchee WA. Since then she has spent countless hours expanding her dancing repertoire and sharing her love and knowledge of these dances with others. Her energy and passion create the perfect environment for learning.
Jenna has attended, coordinated, and taught various workshops and exchanges all across the globe. Some of her favorite highlights are performing at Benaroya Hall in The Jump Session Show and teaching for Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing. Above all else she believes that learning to dance should be fun, and rooted in the music and history. With over 15 years of teaching/coaching/training experience, she loves finding new ways to connect with other dancers on the floor and in the classroom and to create challenging yet applicable lessons in the classroom.

Nejc Zupan (SLO)
Nejc started swing dancing back in 2003 with contemporary dance experience and a strong love for jazz music. Because of this he became one of the main culprits for the popularization of Lindy Hop and Balboa in Slovenia in the early 2000s. His Swing dance experience is a collection of endless research into different dance forms, many international workshops and his humble willingness to keep learning from anybody who is willing to teach him. As a teacher and dancer he pays special attention to jazz movement and musicality, both quintessential to any form of Swing dancing. He is always searching for new ways of spreading this joyful dance form we call swing.

Lisa & Fabien (FR)

Fabien and Lisa met in Herrang, Sweden in 2010 and have been teaching and dancing together ever since. Coming from different backgrounds they both bring their own particular expertise, talents, and enthusiasm to the partnership.
Fabien comes from Grenoble, France and has been teaching swing dancing since 2004, specializing in lindy hop and blues. His love of choreography has led to him to choreograph a number of successful showcases performed at ILHC and other events, as well as the recent ‘French Connection’ Team that placed 2nd at ILHC and ESDC.
Lisa is a professional dancer from London, now living in France. Classically trained from the age of 6 she discovered her love for all styles of dance whilst studying for her degree in Theatre Dance at London Studio Centre. After leaving college she worked professionally in the commercial dance world, specializing in hip-hop. She then discovered and fell in love with lindy hop and blues and has immersed herself in all things swing ever since.

Together and separately they have competed and placed in many competitions. (recently 3rd place in the pro showcase 2017 and winning 1st place in the open showcase at ILHC, 3rd place in the Classic Open at ILHC, 3rd place in showcase at Camp Hollywood in LA in 2016. They were also European Swing dance Champions in the slow lindy division in 2013, 2nd place in 2015).
Their fun natured teaching style, yet ability to breakdown a movement, means their classes are a perfect mix for those wanting to progress their dancing. Constantly pushing themselves in their own dancing means they understand the work that goes into becoming a better dancer and are passionate about sharing their experiences and helping others to achieve their goals.