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Linda Kyei Swing Combo – Swing & blues

Linda Kyei presents her Swing Combo on Friday and Saturday evening. She has gathered around her a number of top-class musicians from the young Stuttgart swing scene, with whom she has perfected the warm, crackling, intense and always relaxed jazzy sound of the good old days. Immerse yourself in the golden era of the 20s-40s.

They are joined by Andrew Andrews of “The Hot Jazz Rewinders” on drums and the award-winning Sascha Kommer (including the Fürst von Hohenzollern Jazz Nachwuchspreis) on piano. Also joining them is the stunning Carsten Netz on saxophone and clarinet and last but not least the wonderful Sir Holley on double bass and Mr. Shepherd on guitar make the combo complete.

The B.B. King Project – blues

The B.B. King Project splaying for us Saturday night!

Their programme covers the full range of B. B. Kings’ work. From his first top hit on the R&B charts in the early 50s “Three O’ Clock Blues”, to his biggest R&B chart-busting hit “The Thrill Is Gone” in the early 70s, as well as pop hits like “Hummingbird” or “Never Make A Move Too Soon”, recorded with Crusaders in the late 70s.

With great attention to detail, the seven-piece band creates their own jazzy style with King’s greatest hits and transports you back to a Chicago blues club of the late 60s. A whopping amount of blues feeling guaranteed!


Bernard cavasa solo – blues

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After trying piano and saxophone, Bernard felt in love with the guitar at the age of 15. In a finger-picking style he plays traditional delta blues, Piedmont blues, and American folk music. Listening for jazz since forever, he started then swing-dancing where he became a world renowned dancer. Mixing his new passion with the music, he started to play swing music, introducing finger picking style into traditional jazz. In love with swing, early jazz, New-Orleans, Ragtime and Blues, he now plays in different bands and loves to mix the styles.

DJ Stephan Wuthe


Born in Berlin in 1966, a collector of shellac records for almost 40 years, trained as a theatre sculptor, fashion and screen designer, has made his passion for the music and the swing lifestyle his profession: as an author, as an editor and arranger of historical swing series on CD, as an advisor to current swing orchestras and as a DJ for swing evenings throughout Europe:
Meanwhile booked from Stockholm to Cannes, from Budapest to London, from New York to Pasadena at festivals and workshops – both as a swing dancer (social dancer), DJ and speaker on topics of jazz and jazz dance history – he has not only gathered an immense collection of photos, records, documents. He has also met quite a few singers and musicians whose adventurous stories about the time of the 1930s and 1940s are included in his book “SWINGTIME IN DEUTSCHLAND” (Transit Verlag, 2012).

And again and again, for many years, he has been happy to animate swing dancers to dance with the “intoxicating” sounds of the original old shellac records, be it to the Charleston, Lindy Hop, Shag, Balboa, Foxtrot, Mambo or Waltz… (Text: Gudrun Fröba, JS)
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