2 Levels for Lindy Hop / Blues. In Lindy Hop / Blues / Balboa there are no classes for beginners and who haven’t yet learned the basics. Slow-Bal also for beginners.

Slow Balboa (Friday special)

Introductional level, also for beginners.

Balboa intermediate+ (Friday special)

You can lead/follow the different basic variations like up/down-hold and you can do your steps easily to fast music.
You know how to lead/follow basics like come-around, throw-out, side steps / lollies etc.


You have been dancing Lindy Hop for at least a year and you’ve attended more than just a few Lindy Hop classes. You are able to dance basic 6- and 8-count figures, lindy charleston, swing out and variations of the basics. You go to social dances on a regular basis. Please visit only the classes of your level.


You’ve been dancing for at least 3 years or, if less, very intensively (3 times a week or more). You have attended several (international) workshops. You go to social dances regularly and feel safe with your dancing, no matter to what tempo or with what partner you dance. You want to dive deeper into styling, musicality and tempo.


You have completed a blues dance course for beginners or attended at least one or two workshops. Basic steps, turns and the different connection types are common knowledge and comfortable for you.
Please visit only the classes of your level.


You have attended several (international) workshops. Fishtails, four corners and rhythm variations are no problem for you. You have an expanded vocabulary (aesthetic and movements) and have achieved a good musicality. You have a high understanding of partnership in dance. You regularly attend social dances.