Workshop & general info

Workshop concept

There will be Blues and Lindy Hop classes in 2 levels each (levels require already some experience, no new beginners) as well as “All-level-all-dances fusion classes” where Lindy Hop and Blues are being brought together.

During the weekend you can take part in any class in your level whether you mix Blues and Lindy Hop or stay with one dance. We will do our best to design a balanced schedule and spread dances, teachers and levels equally.

Workshop ADDRESS

Gyms at Preißlerschule
(Big main hall and smaller vintage hall)
Preißlerstraße 6
90429 Nürnberg

When is what

Find the provisional workshop timetable here: schedule
Times of the parties: party times

Accomodation & Hosting

With the workshop registration we will provide an online sheet which you can use to organise hosting among yourselves. Our local dancers can offer places to sleep, people looking for places to sleep can ask for spots.


For Saturday and Sunday’s lunch you can order lunch catering (vegan and vegetarian dishes) for 13 € for  during your registration process. Unfortunately, the current general increase of prices had an effect on the lunch supply, too.
Also, in proximity to the workshop locations there are plenty of options to get food.

drink flatrate

Bring your OWN bottle/cup, spend 5 € for our STICKER for your cup get the all-weekend-flatrate: with the sticker on your container you can get free coffee, tea and water during workshop breaks (Saturday and Sunday, not at the parties) from our snack corner.