Here you can find prices for workshops and parties. Against all expectations, prices might change as long as registration is not yet open. So, please check the costs here before registering.

Workshop Full Pass

Cost: regular 205 € / reduced* 160 €
Includes ALL workshops (Friday + Saturday + Sunday = 9,5 hours of classes) AND all parties (3 evening parties + History talk)

Workshop Weekend Pass

Cost: regular 180 € / reduced* 140 €
Includes the weekend workshops (Saturday + Sunday = 7,5 hours of classes) AND all parties (3 evening parties + History talk)

Friday Special Workshop only

Cost: regular 25 € / reduced* 20 €
2 hours intense educational training “Fitness for dancers” with Ron Dobrovinsky

We are afraid we cannot offer single day workshop passes for Saturday or Sunday.


Cost: regular 60 € / reduced* 50 €
Includes all parties (3 evening parties) + History talk Friday night

Parties single tickets

Friday evening: 25 €
Saturday evening: 30 €
Sunday evening: 15 €

Pre-registration and pre-payment is necessary. No tickets at doors.

*Reduced prices

Reduced prices are for
of the 1. Boogie Woogie Club Nürnberg e.V. (become a member)
Lower income: Students, pupils, apprentices, participants with low income
Citizens from eastern European countries (e.g. Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine etc.)
Refugees from crisis zones or war zones can apply by mail for a free workshop or party pass.


50% reimbursement until 1 month before the event (6.9.2023). No reimbursement after 7.9.2023.
100 % reimbursement if the organizers cancel the event.